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Top 20 Canada Retail Tech Solutions Companies - 2022

The rapid digital transformation of business operations coupled with the deployment of various automation approaches to boost productivity and customer experience while minimizing operating expenses is driving the Canadian retail industry’s continued, astounding growth. Consumer preference for cashless transactions, as well as the subsequent increase in the adoption of digital payment solutions across retail stores, is also boosting the market growth.

Anticipating progressive industry developments, the global retail tech market is forecasted to be worth $72.9 billion by 2028, as per the latest market analysis reports. The reports also identify the market to witness a growth spike at a CAGR of 22.8 percent during the forecast period. The market growth can be primarily attributed to the integration of cutting-edge and emerging technologies to enhance consumers’ shopping experiences, facilitate accurate inventory management, and improve store operations.

Staying ahead of these industry developments, the latest edition of Retail Tech Insights highlights the critical advancements in the retail technology space and how companies are leveraging the latest solutions and market expertise to prove their mettle in delivering innovative retail solutions. It features thought leadership articles from Rebecca Meyer, Director of IT-Commerce Applications and ECommerce at Kelly-Moore Paints, who talks about the concept of Scan-and-Go solutions, allowing customers the freedom to shop and exit with minimal effort. It also contains commentaries from Vlad Yakubson, Head of Retail at Retail Apparel Group, who speaks on the importance of optimization of the site, ensuring the powerful connection of social media to enhance customer experience.

The edition also features DCM, a marketing and business communication solutions partner that provides transformative technology-enabled solutions to simplify processes and centralize information. DCM’s solutions enable organizations to improve efficiency, boost ROI, and guarantee compliance while offering added value to clients’ go-to-market strategies.

We hope this edition will help you find the appropriate retail tech solution provider that will help you incorporate industry-best technology practices to provide a better customer experience.

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    Top Canada Retail Tech Solutions Companies

  • DCM


    DCM, a marketing and business communication solutions partner, provides transformative, targeted technology solutions to simplify processes and centralize information, enabling organizations to improve efficiency, guarantee compliance, and increase ROI. The company’s technology-enabled service model and workflow management capabilities pair customer insights and thought leadership with cutting-edge products and modular solutions to offer added value to a client’s go-to-market strategies

  • Talkdesk offers a robust cloud-native, AI-driven assistant solution designed to help agents automate their manual workflows and deliver enhanced customer experiences across multiple channels. By providing the contact center agents with a unified view of all their customer interactions across a range of communication channels, Talkdesk helps them deliver proactive resolutions to the customers.

  • Building on its initial cloud marketplace for retailers, Cloudamart is incorporating features like food delivery, ride-sharing, and courier services with other functionalities like property booking and medicine buying all in one single app.

  • IRI


    IRI leverages integrated insights supported by Big Data and predictive analytics to boost sales, enable a faster decision-making process and improve collaboration. IRI integrates disparate data sets of purchase; media, social, causal, and loyalty data to help CPG, retail, over-the-counter health care, and media companies grow their businesses.

  • RMS


    RMS deploys B2C, B2B and back-office solutions for small and medium retailers and wholesalers. The firm provides Brick-and-Mortar and eCommerce solutions using NCR Counterpoint for various industries, such as Apparel & Footwear, Garden, Museums, Art Galleries & Attractions to name a few.

  • SensorMedia gives wireless and electronic retailers the power to control any screen in-store. SmartCircle solution has been empowering the marketing decision makers of electronic and wireless retailers in creating and delivering stronger in-store customer journeys that boost brand viability and increase day-to-day sales in stores.

  • Silver Crystal group specializes in manufacturing professional jersey sports lettering, numbering, and digital retail ordering systems with inventory management tools for on-demand product customization applications.

  • Wirkn


    Wirkn is a frontline sourcing software and services company providing candidate hiring solutions for retail businesses. The company connects hiring managers and candidates through a SaaS-based platform and streamlines the recruitment process



    C2RO’S ENTERATM delivers thorough socio-demographic breakdowns and detailed analysis of shopper behavior connected to specific places of interest. Drive revenue growth by optimizing personnel and space operational efficiency while explicitly analyzing the success of sales and marketing efforts

  • Fiska


    Integrated payments for shop POS and eCommerce software from Fiska Improve business integrated payments solution’s client uptake and profitability. It enables business merchants to take payments across all channels, including online, in-store, and mobile

  • Kinaxis


    Forecasting demand at the chain, store, and SKU levels does not have to be difficult, even when planning and optimizing promotions, price, and selection. Kinaxis’ world-class machine learning and AI technology help businesses reimagine how businesses work

  • Leav


    Leav was developed to improve customer interactions and give customers back their time at scale. They think that the future of retail is in-store, and they want to fulfill their vision by giving retailers the tools they need to automate low-value processes and focus on what matters: sales and customer care

  • Lightspeed Retail

    Lightspeed Retail

    Lightspeed Retail provides the software required to satisfy customers at the checkout counter and beyond. Lightspeed covers all business retail needs under one roof, from inventory management and sales to retail analytics and payments, so users can grow and prosper

  • NOBAL Technologies

    NOBAL Technologies

    NOBAL technologies’s iMirror retail solution enables merchants to fully embrace the benefits of omnichannel marketing through an open platform. NOBAL’s iMirror is the only customer-centric agnostic platform of its type, providing merchants with first-hand actionable insights

  • OrderEase


    The OrderEase cloud solution connects wholesalers with their retail clients via online product catalogs and a single order center for faster and more accurate wholesale buying. Its main technology enables supply chain connections and a buying show platform for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events

  • Salesfloor


    Salesfloor transforms the retail service and sales experience by combining human connection with AI power. Salesfloor offers the most comprehensive customer interaction platform, providing customers with a multichannel buying experience. Salesfloor is a retail solution that combines Virtual Shopping, Clienteling, and AI-Assisted Selling

  • Sundial Growers

    Sundial Growers

    Sundial Growers is Canada’s largest private sector booze and cannabis store, under the names Ace Liquor, Wine and Beyond, Liquor Depot, Value Buds, and Spiritleaf. SNDL is a licensed cannabis producer that supplies wholesale and retail consumers through a cannabis brand portfolio using state-of-the-art indoor facilities

  • TakuLabs


    Takulabs is the world’s first location-based retail sales technology that enables multi-store merchants to automatically provide a superior digital neighborhood shopping experience and encourage repeat customers. Whether customers want to buy in the store, online, or through social media, TAKU allows users to manage it all with a single login

  • triMirror


    triMirror was launched in 2010 in Toronto, Canada, to allow shoppers to try on garments online. For the first time, triMirror’s virtual fitting technology is accurate, real-time, 3D depicted, animated, attractive, engaging, and helpful to buyers and brands

  • WorkForce Software

    WorkForce Software

    Foko Retail is a mobile-first task management and communication platform utilized by some of the world’s largest retailers and brands for operations, visual merchandising and marketing, internal communications, store audits and surveys, and other purposes. Foko Retail is portable, with native apps for Android, iOS, and the web

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